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What Is a Dietician?

A health professional who is able to assess, diagnose and offer treatment to dietary problems properly is a dietician. Such a person must have undergone one form of formal training and has a Bachelor degree in foods and nutrition.

A trained dietician must have also had practical training in a hospital to develop the skills necessary to practice in a work environment.

After getting the required Bachelor degree which can last up to four years and another one year for an internship at an accredited centre, a dietician can further train and pursue a masters degree and specialise in any area that relates to food and nutrition.

While a dietician can diagnose and treat nutrient-related problems, it is important to note that a dietician is not a medical doctor since they only possess a Bachelor degree and not a medical degree.

What Can a Dietician Do?

Dieticians play a significant role in society, and the work they do is indispensable. It is the job of a dietician to promote good health. The work of fostering good health involves advising on healthy eating, preparation of meals and even food services.

Dieticians are also involved in differentiating unhealthy meal plans from healthy ones that provide the required nourishment for an individual. They also conduct nutrition research and are up to date about health and nutrition.

The top dieticians are trained to help individuals with digestive problems, high blood pressure, those with specific nutritional requirements, those who want to lose weight, those with allergies and even those with eating disorders.

Where Can a Dietician Work?

Dieticians are high demand in the society. Their employment rate is projected to increase as much as 15 percent in the coming years. The work of a dietician is priceless, and they can work in many places.

Licensed dieticians can work in private clinics, offering health advice to healthy persons looking for various ways to maintain their health and to patients needing same.

A dietician service is also needed in schools since there is a rapid rise in dietary problems involving school children. Dieticians who work here assist children in developing healthy eating habits so that they can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They also help with developing menus and recipe for students with food allergies and those with a particular nutrient requirement.

Those in prison also require nutritional education and a licensed dietician is the right person to give such information. Some inmates may have a required diet and may find it hard to stick with it.

It is the job of a dietician to ensure that such ones maintain their diet. In all, a dietician is expected to ensure that everyone receives healthy food.

Cosmetic Injectables

The high and lows of the beauty business

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? After all, it’s important to look good, especially now when everyone seems to be jumping on the cosmetic injectable band wagon.

You can lose the weight from exercising, you can even lose some fat from your face but it’s a known fact that loosing too much weight suddenly can result in loosening of the facial muscles. Your chin might sag or your cheeks my not have the same plumpness they had before. But not to worry there are definitely ways which all this can be amended and it is also not as drastic as surgery.

Surgery if often considered an extreme resort and something which not everyone is comfortable with. It’s a painful process plus it’s expensive to boot. Whatever your reasons for avoiding surgery, getting cosmetic injections can help your face look beautiful and younger.

Cosmetic injectable consist of a variety of materials which can help your face look smoother and plumper thus giving it a youthful look.

  • Botox injections are quiet common. There are thousands of women who have undergone Botox injections to improve their facial structure.
  • Frown lines can be easily removed by using Botox. The Botox works by freezing the facial muscles which prevent the frowns from appearing on the forehead.
  • However, care must be taken that Botox should be injected by a professional otherwise the result is somehow artificial and you end up looking like a deer caught in the taillights of a car. The finished look should be as natural as possible and this is only handled by a thorough professional.
  • In order to get rid of lines on the face, a cosmetologist would make use of fillers. Fillers can help smoothen out the wrinkles. Wrinkles tend to appear due to many factors. Age being a major one but certain lifestyle where there is lack of proper nutrition and exercise can also contribute to the appearance of fine lines on the face.
  • Lip fillers are used to make the lips look fuller. Full lips are a sign of beauty and much coveted by women. However, it should be kept in mind that filers must be applied in minute doses otherwise the result is a doll like artificial look which isn’t attractive at all. With lip fillers it’s better to stay understated then go over the top.
  • Another form of cosmetic injectable are pigmentation. There are loads of people who would like to brighten their complexion. This is done with the help of injecting certain chemicals which can help reduce the dark spots on the skin. The main ingredient in these is vitamin which is known to help make the skin glow.
  • There are injections which can help remove swelling. Injecting Retinol A directly into the surface of the skin can have your skin glow in no time.

Care should be taken that all the cosmetic injections in Sydney should be carried out by a professional cosmetologist.

Treating Allergies with Chiropractic Care

Everyone awaits spring. After all you can enjoy great weather and plan outings and BBQ’s with friends. But for some of us spring brings along allergies, the likes of which renders people unable to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The thought of actually stopping by and smelling the roses fills them with dread. After all who wants to suffer a runny nose and itchy eyes?

Most people are sensitive to pollen and other irritants as well. People with allergies when exposed to any of these can suffer from shortness of breath, swollen eyes, sinuses and skin irritations. The only resort is to turn to medications which can have drowsiness as a major side effect. These medications also don’t work all the time and make it difficult to carry out daily activities. Plus there are quite a few side effects of these medications, ensure you see your local chiropractor in Perth for any additional questions.

The immune system works by ejecting harmful material from the body in a number of way. Allergic people have immune systems which recognize even normal things as being harmful. The reaction could be anything from sneezing, coughing, vomiting etc. the allergic reaction is due to the body’s reaction to the substance and not the substance itself.

Can chiropractors help deal with allergies?

Chiropractors aim to treat vertebral subluxations. These subluxations have a negative impact on the body as a whole. The nervous system is responsible for sending out various messages to the brain. In case there is something wrong with any part of the body, it would impact the nervous system. That is why so much emphasis is placed on spinal health. When all the vertebrae in the spine are properly aligned, the body is healthier. This is because the nervous system does not detect anything wrong with the body. Everything works in harmony ad people can lead well balanced and healthy lives.

Also the misalignment of the vertebrae might cause wrong signals being sent to the brain which could disrupt the immune system. This is also one of the reasons why allergies are common. If you suffer from seasonal allergies a visit to a chiropractor could greatly benefit you. On the other hand, the chiropractor would carry out the necessary manual adjustments which would help align the spine and reduce stress. That’s not it, you would also be suggested a simple diet plan which would help keep those allergies at bay. Combining it with a proper exercise program and people get relief from allergic symptoms in a few visits only.

Research has proved that chiropractic care has helped thousands of people resume normal and fruitful life. If you believed that chiropractors only treated people with pain symptoms, you need to think again. In fact chiropractic acre can help people get rid of many ailments. Women who suffer menstrual problems might find relief as well as children who suffer frequent bouts of ear infections would benefit from a visit to a chiropractor as well.

Art Therapy: Get those thoughts on paper!


In this fast-paced, fake world where social media is the reigning King, I’m sure it’s really getting on to your nerves! Hearts being shattered, friendships being broken, careers going dovish….and a whole load of other issues…And though you may be grinning ear-to-ear on the face, it’s the mind that’s actually getting flooded with all of these mixed thoughts!


Now that I’m concerned about your poor little brain there, I have an idea: Why don’t we give that confused, chaotic, cluttered mind a short vacation?


And the best way to do so – Pick an Art form of your choice! Yes, it’s that easy!!Now the question that comes up is, Why Art, right? Hold on, I’ll tell you.


Being an art enthusiast myself, I have grown up seeing the wonders art worked for me. With my colours, sketch pens, palettes, brushes, glitter paints. Never have I had a dull day in my life! And let me clarify, I’m not an artist professionally…it’s just my passion and favourite pass time. In this destructive world, Art gives you the ability to create. In this world where the closest of friendships also get ruined, Art gives you a sense of belonging. In a world where people leave no stone unturned to make you feel worthless and inadequate, Art makes you feel worthy. And yeah, you can do what you like as you like to do it because art doesn’t fit in a box of any definition. You define your art. There are no rules here. You own your Art, and no one can judge you for that!


So what are you waiting for? Whip out that a few sheets and that sketch pen set that’s peeking from the back of your cupboard pleading to be pulled out and get started! Draw, sketch, doodle, colour, scribble, cut, paste, fold – do whatever you wish to!!


I’ve put out a few whacky art forms which you can try, and believe me; they have a lot of benefits! So here we go:


Mandala art :
Folks, take note. This is in vogue! There are a lot of videos and online tutorials that are coming up. And it’s super easy too!! Just draw a few concentric circles, choose an intricate design, pick your favourite colour and get started! More the colour, more stunning is the outcome! This art form is known to calm the mind, bring in positive thoughts and increase your focus too.


Ink stories :
Feeling sad? Lonely? Heartbroken? Stop worrying!! Take a sheet of paper and a black pen and start drawing your story. It’s a challenging job to fit in all your tragedies in an A3 size sheet of paper! So much so that in the end, you’ll find ink stories more challenging than the troubles actually troubling you!


Paper Embroidery:
Because embroidery on cloth is so passé! And yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds! A little here and there and your paper will tear! So beware, patience is the key to success.


3D Origami :
Flat paper boats are so easy ( and let’s admit, a bit boring too!) Why not give 3D Origami a try? 3D Swans, 3D Owls, 3D Lamps – you name it, and it’s there!! And believe me, the outcome is such a fantastic treat to the eyes!!


Make sure you try at least one of these out! See how your mind gets de-cluttered and gets flooded with positivity!!

Swim your way to Good Health!


Dive, splash, swim and repeat! Swimming is a fun activity, and no one can deny this fact! Most of us hit the pool to beat the summer heat, but not many think of continuing with swimming after summer ends. Temperature and fear of catching a cold are the two most common reasons why most of us quit swimming. But people, don’t give up! I have listed a few points which will encourage you to swim all around the year!


  1. It’s a great stress buster:
    Let’s accept it – we live in a world where everyone is constantly under tremendous pressure. So why not spare some time and cheer up your mood? Just dive into a pool and see the difference! There’s no need for you to swim, just wading in the water will release happy-hormones and keep you cheerful all day long!
  2. Anyone can do it!
    You can surely convince all the youngsters and seniors in your family to join you in the pool! There’s no specific age group for splashing into the water, and anyone can take it up. Whether you’re pregnant, recovering from surgery, a marathon runner, suffering from arthritis or an injured athlete, there’s no harm for you to swim. It will provide a great full-body workout and leave you feeling fresh and energetic.
  3. Cold shouldn’t bother you:
    Swimming is the best remedy for people who have Asthma. See what I’m trying to put across here? You can continue swimming even in the colder months, and you won’t fall sick! In fact, it will increase your immunity and make you less susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. Of course, consult your doctor before taking up swimming, but it’s worth giving a thought!
  4. It’s the cheapest sport, ever!
    You need not purchase any expensive or heavy-duty gear for swimming – just a pair of goggles, swimsuit and a cap (Optional) and you’re all set!
  5. Host of health benefits:
    Tones your body, increases muscle strength, burns down calories, improves your heart rate without causing stress and improves your sleep pattern too! Any insomniacs out there? Consider swimming; I bet you’ll be sleeping like a baby at the end of the day! Your cholesterol and hypertension levels will come back to normal, too! Plus, it makes you look younger without any efforts. (If you know what I mean! – lesser visits to the parlour and a lot of money save on cosmetics!)
  6. Makes you smarter:
    Always struggled to make your presence felt in your workplace, school or home? Well, swimming helps here too! It improves your cognitive functions and makes your brain sharper and more active. Easy to create an impact now, huh?
  7. There are loads to do in the pool than swim!
    If you manage to catch hold of a group of friends to swim along with you, nothing can beat the fun you’ll have together! Even otherwise, don’t fret – you can always befriend people who come to the pool regularly, and you can keep days aside, where instead of swimming, you indulge in water sports!                                                                                                                                 
  8. More confidence:
    Toned bodies and sharp minds – the perfect combination of beauty with brains right? Research says that swimmers are more confident than the general crowd and they easily stand apart from the rest!


If the thought of getting back to swimming has entered your head, don’t let it get out! Your swimsuits tucked away at the back of your closet are begging for liberation! Go get them out and get going. Remember, Dive. Splash. Swim. Repeat!!