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All you need to know about an Adelaide beauty therapy course

Opting for a beauty therapy career in Adelaide puts you in a good place. The exponential growth of the beauty industry has made the beauty therapist career path one of the most in-demand.

Enrolling in an Adelaide beauty therapy course are divided into three options including:

  • Epilation or electrology – is a form of treatment that involves hair removal from the body and face. Tried and proven true removal of the hair is through electrolysis, making it one of the standards of any beauty therapy course in Adelaide. The inclusion of body electricals in a beauty course is vital especially if you want to work as a beauty therapist for a cruise liner. Cruise line companies only hire beauty therapists qualified in body electricals.
  • Aesthetician or beautician or facial therapy – is doing both electrical and manual treatments on the face. Some of the beauty skills acquired with this course include waxing, manicure, and pedicure.
  • Body treatments or physiatrics or body therapy – is doing both electrical and manual procedures on the body.

Types of Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty therapy courses qualify graduates to perform the following beauty procedures and treatments:


  • Body, face, underarms, arms, and legs electrolysis treatments and procedures
  • Galvanic electrolysis
  • The blend electrolysis

Post-graduate subjects include:

  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatments and procedures
  • Red vein procedures and treatments

Facial Therapy

  • Facial electrical procedures and treatments
  • Eye treatments, to include:
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Eyelash tinting
  • Eyebrow tinting
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • A variety of facials, including:
  • Moisturising facials
  • Superficial cleansing facials
  • Facial massage
  • Toning facials
  • Exfoliating facials
  • Deep cleansing facials
  • A variety of waxing procedures and treatments, including:
  • Brazilian waxing procedures
  • Full leg waxing procedures
  • Facial waxing procedures
  • Bikini line waxing procedures
  • Half-leg waxing procedures
  • Underarm waxing procedures

Body Therapy

  • Body electrical procedures and treatments
  • Cellulite procedures and treatments
  • Swedish body massage
  • Introductory nutrition and diet advice
  • Neck, shoulder, and back massage
  • Advice on introductory exercise
  • Figure analysis
  • Full leg massage

Options for Beauty Therapy Course Programs

Vocational schools and community colleges offer a 2-year associate degree diploma in cosmetology. Theoretical study and practical coursework are involved in a diploma program.

The two-year beauty therapy course programs include two options:

Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology

The specialised training and general education classes of an associate degree include:

  • Nail services
  • Sanitation and sterilisation
  • Hairstyling and cutting
  • Hair colouring
  • Rinsing scalp and shampooing therapy

Cosmetology Diploma

A cosmetology program includes major subjects such as:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Mask treatments and deep cleansing facials
  • Techniques involved in classic massage treatments and procedures
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
  • A wide variety of facial massage treatments and procedures

You may also acquire a beauty therapy diploma online.

Needed skills for beauty therapists

A lot of specialist treatments have to be performed while working as a beauty therapist. Duties comprise both customer and administrative that requires great physical stamina and excellent hand ability.

Beauticians are another term used for beauty therapists. Whatever the title used does not matter. What matters most are the combined specialised services provided by beauty specialists to the body and the skin. The role as a beauty therapist may be demanding, but it also brings rich lifetime rewards.

Picking The Best Breast Pumps

When you are a breastfeeding mother, you do not have to stay home the whole day. It does not mean that the fact that you have to breastfeed your baby makes you stop living your life. Today, we have so many breastfeeding mothers who go out for dates and even work to earn a living for their kids. This is because they have learned that breastfeeding is not the only way of feeding their babies. With the many breast pumps available in the market today, every mother has a choice to make when feeding their babies. In case you are a busy breastfeeding mother, it is always essential that you buy a breast pump that will help you feed your baby and, at the same time, attend to all the duties you have. However, you have to make sure that you select the best, which is not an easy task for many mothers.

If you choose to express milk over breastfeeding your baby, you need to know several things before selecting your breast pump. This is to ensure that you do not buy the breast pumps that will make you regret every time you want to express milk. Most mothers do not know about the following factors that you should look for when picking the best breast pumps, and therefore, they are unable to pick the best breast pumps. This is why it’s important to know what to look for before you begin selecting your breast pump.

  • Frequency of use and purpose of the breast pump

As you pick your breast pump, you have to know how you intend to use it and how frequently you will use the pump. Some mothers stay at home and therefore need to express milk now and then, while others have to express milk twice or once a day. 

These two types of mothers will not use the same kind of breast pump, and this is why you should consider the purpose of your pump and how frequently you intend to use the pump before buying it.

  • Types of breast pumps

When it comes to the type of breast pumps to select, there are several options involved. To ensure that you choose the most suitable kind of breast pump, you have to take your time researching the pros and cons of each of the breast pumps you find before making your purchase.

  • Hygiene

When you are picking out your best breast pump, ensure that you consider the hygiene level of these breast pumps. Some of the breast pumps allow contamination of the milk you are expressing, which risks your baby’s health. This is something you must be keen on when you are selecting your breast pumps if you do not want to feed your baby with contaminated milk.

  • Ease of use

All the breast pumps in the market today have different levels of usability. If you want to make pumping easier, consider the ease of use of the breast pumps you are selecting. It should be easy for you to disassemble or assemble the pump, clean all its parts and even use it when expressing milk.

  • Portability of the breast pumps

This is another thing you should think about when picking a breast pump. You need to know that pumps have different sizes and weigh differently. This is why some are portable while some are not. The best breast pumps to pick are the most portable ones.

Can I rent breast pumps?

Renting a breast pump is also another option for some mothers. However, you have to consider the hygiene level of the pump you are renting. Also, breast pumps have become so popular in the market, and they come at different prices, allowing them to be more affordable for all mothers. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to buy a breast pump rather than rent one. Buy Ameda Purely Yours Electric Double Breast Pump.

Four Conditions That Might Necessitate Visiting A Toowoomba Chiropractor

Chiropractors are pretty common in Toowoomba and visiting them could mean you have a problem with either your muscles or bones. These experts use their hands to rectify issues within these areas.

The tricky part is, chiropractors are not medical doctors. Sadly, many people overlook them as essential medical professionals. The truth is, they are much more helpful when it comes to joint, bone and muscle issues than your primary care physician might be. Chiropractors have the proper training to recommend exercises as treatment and rehabilitation for different health conditions. Besides, they offer a guide on dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle changes.

They use an extensive range of methods to diagnose musculoskeletal problems. Additionally, they apply hands-on clinical exams and diagnostic imaging like x-rays and MRIs. These, alongside other diagnostic procedures, determine if chiropractic treatment is appropriate. Injured people might often wonder if they need to visit a chiropractor. Their insurance companies lead many people to believe that there is no point in seeing one.

This blog post will explore four conditions that might necessitate visiting a chiropractor and why it is not always necessary.

  • Spinal manipulation – The spinal adjustment, also called chiropractic adjustment, is one standard therapeutic procedure that chiropractors perform. However, physiotherapists and osteopaths use this method too. Spinal manipulation is essential in restoring the mobility of the joints. Normally, it is a manual process that involves applying controlled force to the joints with restricted motion from tissue injuries.

Tissue injuries can occur due to multiple issues, including single traumatic or repetitive stress like exposing your spine to poor positions when sitting or sleeping. The tissues may get inflamed and drastically dimmish in function. Often, this is accompanied by pain. Adjustment/manipulation of the tissues and joints affected will restore mobility and consequently reduce muscle tightness and pain – the tissues will heal.

  • Frequent headaches – Migraines can be debilitating, with the easiest solution to getting rid of them being swallowing painkillers. The sad part is, your body can get used to drugs and build up immunity. That means you will experience pain even after you take a painkiller. Chiropractic practices can be a natural way to treat your migraines. Some migraines and headaches result from problems within the neck. If the neck issues are resolved, the headaches will disappear.
  • Sinus congestion – This sounds strange to many people – but sinus congestion and associated pain can be treated with chiropractic care. A well-draining sinus means less congestion, and therefore, less pain. Typically, a chiropractor can make some upper cervical adjustments (in your neck), which relieves tension and pressure on the brain stem. The adjustment will also relax your throat, opening up the sinus passage in the head for better drainage.
  • Numbness and tingling in arms or legs – Tingling and numbness in the legs and arms is a sign of pressure or injury on the nerve. This feeling extends typically to the fingers and toes and is usually uncomfortable. These symptoms are also common in people who sit for too long or those who stand in one position for a prolonged period.

While the tingling and numbness can go away on their own, it might be a sign of a serious illness in some instances.

If your job forces you to sit for long, you can develop spine issues in addition to numbness. Chiropractic care can help you relieve the pressure from nerves, thus restoring your feet and hands to a good functioning state.

Visit Pellow Family Chiropractic Toowoomba to find relief and comfort.

The pros and cons of laser hair removal

If you are wondering whether Laser hair removal in Brisbane city is the best hair removal method for you, you need to understand its pros and cons. When it comes to removing body hair you have lots of options. it is important that you take all of these into consideration before going for the more drastic method of Laser hair removal.

If you are shaving your hair you may have noticed that it grows back in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Depilatory creams on the other hand is all the hair but they have a tendency to smell pretty bad. Also if you consider waxing it can be quite painful and can itch a lot especially when the higher starts to grow back.

There are long lasting options like Laser hair removal which is a semi permanent method. It works by damaging the hair follicle and minimizes the hair growth. Its targets the melanin in the hair and burns it down all the way to the hair follicle and the root. You start seeing the difference only after a few sessions.

The advantages of laser hair removal in Brisbane city

Although you may find that Laser hair removal doesn’t permanently get rid of the hair it can only happen if you undergo electrolysis which is an effective method for permanent hair removal. You can get it done on any part of your body and can easily cover large places pretty fast stop when it comes to pay level the pain falls somewhere between shaving and waxing. Technicians might make use of ice to help numb the area before and after the treatment. As the treatment continues patients note that it gets less painful and hair becomes finer.

The disadvantages

One of the major drawbacks of Laser hair removal is that it can take around 12 to 14 sessions to actually make a difference. However if you want to see real results you may need to wait 6 weeks between each treatment. It is also quite expensive however if you add of how much to spend on the traditional methods like waxing sessions it might be worth the dollar 200 per session of Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal works better for skin which has dark hair. In patients who have dark skin tone there is a special kind of laser which can distinguish between the hair and skin type. It should be kept in mind that the Laser hair removal should be carried out by a trained professional. Otherwise you are at a risk of burns or scars on the skin.

You should be assured that you carry out proper research on laser hair removal clinic so that you know that the technician is certified to carry out the procedure. It is one of the best methods of reducing hair growth and ensuring that your face is stubble free.

Information on Leading Breast Pumps

Breast milk is usually nutritious to the infants and helps them to grow faster and stronger. Breastfeeding an infant reduces the risk of falling ill by making the immune system strong and resistant to illnesses. For some reason, mothers may not be able to directly breastfeed their kids, forcing other means to be deployed to ensure that the kid’s health is not compromised. One of those techniques deployed is the use of a breast pump.

Breast pumps were invented to enable infant mothers to provide breast milk to their babies even when they cannot suckle their babies directly. There are several types of breast pumps, and it depends on what the user has in mind.

Benefits accompanied by breast pumps

Using this sophisticated tool for milk production and storage has a lot of benefits. The following are some of the benefits you can gain by using breast pumps:

You can use breast pumps when you have to attend to work – when duty calls, you have to leave your child at home with a nun and attend to the job. Thus, breast pumps will help you pump milk that will be fed to your child when you are at work. This ensures that the baby’s leading source of food is not compromised in any way.

It provides an emergency milk supply – a breast pump enables a mother to pump breast milk and store for future use if they have to take medication or when they fall sick.

It assists a baby who is unable to suckle from the mother properly. Some babies cannot suckle milk from their mothers properly, and breast pumps relieve them from the struggle and easily make the milk available.

It is useful when you have multiple births – some mothers give birth to twins, triplets, and so on. Feeding such babies from the breast can be cumbersome and tiresome. However, breast pumps will ease the situation and ensure that each baby gets the milk.

It is also true that some mothers prefer to pump milk rather than to suckle their babies directly. Such mothers appreciate the idea of having breast pumps.

It increases breast milk supply – especially for mothers with insufficient milk supply. They can pump the milk at intervals to ensure that it is always available for their infant.

What are some of the side-effects of using breast pumps?

However, using breast pumps for a long time can result in side-effects.

There is a danger of infection – it is not a guarantee that you will reach all parts of the bottle when washing, and in such cases, pathogens might occupy those areas and multiply, making the baby fall sick. Poor handling of breast pumps can also result in an infection to the infant.

It can lower breast milk supply – regular use of breast milk can lower the breast supply from the breast because it is not the same as when the child suckles a mother’s breast. A baby’s suckle stimulates milk production.

It can damage breast tissues – if the breast pump is wrongly fitted, it can result in severe breast tissue damage, and a mother will feel a lot of pain when suckling their infants.

You must be very careful when using breast pumps because it can lead to fatal complications for both you and your infant.

Medela are leading breast pumps in Australia. If you want the best for you and your child, check out their products.

Factors to think about when you are hiring a podiatrist

Most people who have foot problems have tried to get the help they need to eliminate their foot problems, but the help they get just is not enough. This is because they are not getting help from the right person, yet some podiatrists can be of help to them.  Therefore, if you have had a foot problem and want to bring this problem to an end, you have to make sure that you get the help you require from the best podiatrist.

If you work with the right podiatrist, then you will be noting some progress with your foot.  However, finding the right podiatrist may not be so easy with the high number of podiatrists that are available in clinics today. You have to make sure that you are very keen when selecting the podiatrist that will offer you the help you need. This is why you have to make sure that you consider the factors that are discussed below.


Today, everything is about making money. Therefore, it is not a wonder for you to hire someone who is impersonating a podiatrist without knowing. When this happens, you will be paying your money, but you will not get the help you need.  The only thing that will help you identify a real podiatrist from a fake one is their certification.  If anyone claims that they are a podiatrist, when you ask them to give you their board certification, it will help you prove whether they are telling the truth or if they are lying. This is why you have to consider the board certification of the podiatrist that you want to hire.

The level of experience and qualification

A podiatrist can be qualified but can lack experience.  It is always necessary for you to ensure that you are working with the podiatrist that is both qualified and experienced if you want to get the best help that you require with your foot problem. Therefore, you have to make sure that you consider hiring the podiatrist that has attained the highest level of experience and qualification. When you have their educational certificates, you will know about their level of qualification while you ask them how long they have been in this field, you will be able to know the level of experience they have. The higher the level of experience, the more skills and knowledge they have acquired that will help you in eliminating the problems that you have with your foot.


The reputation of the podiatrist that you hire is also an essential factor that you have to consider.  Most people will fail to find out the type of reputation that the podiatrist they are hiring has, and they end up hiring the podiatrist that may not be helpful. This is why you have to ensure that you are hiring the most reputable podiatrist that you find.

Area of specialization

Podiatrists also have different areas of expertise.  The areas of specialization in podiatrists are determined by the type of injury that patient has. Therefore, it would be best for you to ensure that you consider the podiatrist’s area of specialization that you are hiring before you hire them. This ensures that you hire the podiatrist, who is an expert in the type of foot problems that you are experiencing.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar drink

Apple cider vinegar is simply Apple juice which has been left to ferment and turn into vinegar. Bacteria helps fermented juice into acetic acid. This is why it has a sour taste and a pungent smell. It has been used in traditional medicine for ages to treat a number of ailments. Though there is not much scientific support for the above mentioned claim but people have been taking it for centuries and with benefits as well.

The advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar can be attributed to the mother that is the cloud of yeast or bacteria that you often see in the bottle of the vinegar which makes it healthy.

It is used for cooking, baking, salad dressing as well as a preservative. It contains a whole lot of acid drinking it is not recommended. It is advisable that it should be diluted with about 100 to 150 ml of water before drinking. Drinking it straight might cause the enamel of your teeth to become eroded. Experts recommend drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar drink with a straw.

The advantages of apple cider vinegar drink

  • Apple cider vinegar can be a natural laxative because it helps improve the digestion and makes bowel movements regular.
  • It can help people manage their blood sugar levels. The enzymes present in Apple Cider Vinegar lower the blood sugar and also helps improve the insulin sensitivity. It helps the glucose in the blood to reach the other parts of the body thus reducing the blood sugar.
  • It increases satiety in people and therefore helps them lose weight over the long run. There have been a few studies in which it was observed that drinking it for 3 months after every meal help people reduce a significant amount of weight. However it works best when combined with proper diet and exercise.
  • It can also help get rid of the belly fat. It helps reduce the bloating it automatically makes you look slimmer.
  • It can also lower cholesterol and the blood pressure and thereby improve the heart health.
  • Prevent and decrease the risk of cancer and has even shown to slow down the growth of the cancer cells.

Nutrients in apple cider vinegar drink

The above mentioned are some of the impressive benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar however it is considered as a nutritional powerhouse which explains all these health benefits. It contains essential minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorous, amino acids and antioxidants.

Apple cider vinegar has a host of benefits. It not only helps you lose the weight but can also help control diseases like diabetes and heart problems. It has so many benefits it is no wonder why it has gained a great deal of popularity with health experts. The data for all of these above mentioned claims might be limited but the people who take this regular basis have seen a definite improvement in their health.

Make sure that you buy raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar drink from

Tips for Getting the Best Medical Procedure Chair

All medical practices need proper furniture for a couple of reasons. First, it gives different rooms the authenticity and professionalism required to earn patient trust. Secondly, it eases the processes of performing various tasks. As such, it is essential to ensure that you find the best possible solutions for your furniture problem. Whether you are starting a new practice, or are looking to upgrade, a quality procedure chair is a must-have.


Three Necessary Steps Before Purchasing a Medical Procedure Chair

Buying furniture for a medical practice is a significant investment. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that you get the correct procedure chair. Three steps should constitute the process before going to find the right buy. To begin with, you need to come up with a plan on how much you are willing to spend. A budget will guide the areas you explore, giving you more time to focus on the appropriate solutions.

Then, you need to define your patients in terms of their needs. Different medical fields require diverse medical chairs. Finally, you should assess the number, placement, and operation of the chairs. Doing these things narrows your scope, you get to focus on viable solutions.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Medical Procedure Chair

User-friendliness should be the foundation of any purchase that you make in medical practice. The comfort of your patients assures them that you value them. This creates a likelihood of a repeat. Other factors that should inform your selection include:

  1. Aesthetics – the presentation you put forth, especially for first-time patients, communicates on your professionalism. The medical procedure chair that you pick out should be in line with the rest of the interior design and should complement the arrangement. First impressions play a role in the trust patients have in you.
  2. Durability – since this is a massive investment, you should aim to find something that will last you for a significant time. This means your budget should warrant a quality purchase.
  3. Cleaning – the medical procedure chair is bound to be used by numerous patients. You should find one that is easy to clean, does not stain easily, and one that does not present the risk of infections. It is advisable to find one that provides you with smooth and proper sanitation procedures.
  4. Mobility, Stability, and Functionality – it should be easy to get on and off the chair. You should define whether you want one that is permanently stationed in a room or one that can be moved according to need. The functionality is dependent on the type of procedures you plan on using the chair for. When defining the desires mobility, stability and functionality, it is advisable to get recommendations from people who have expert input. You could also find a professional who has interacted with different medical procedure chairs since they have first-hand information.



There is a vast array of decisions that need to be made when you are establishing a practice or looking for an upgrade. Therefore, getting someone to provide you with the necessary information on the quality of products you should get is essential. For guaranteed quality, choose medical procedure chairs by Modsel.

Finding the best Brisbane Barbers

Finding the best barber suited to your taste and preference is like discovering the fountain of youth. It means finding someone who knows the texture of your hair along with using the right clippers to achieve the best cut.

In Brisbane, what are the qualities the best Brisbane barbers have that give them an edge above the mediocre ones?

How to find the best barbers

If you have been using unisex salons to have your hair cut, going to a barbershop for the first time will be a new experience. For one thing, the ambiance of a barbershop will be very different from that of a salon.

The barbershop provides an all-male environment where men chill out while having a shave and haircut. The barbers in a barbershop do not change like clockwork unlike in salons. They are there for the long haul which means they will be able to know your hair texture and the style you prefer for it.

With this said, what are the qualities to look for in a barber to make it the right one for your needs?

A barber that wants to know what you want

Understandably, you want the most flattering haircut which means that you want a barber that can be trusted to do exactly that. You’ll know if the barber is good if he finds the time to ask you what you want. It could be about changing your current look or knowing more about the styling products that can make you achieve the style. Simply put, you want a barber that wants to know more about what you want for him to help you achieve the style.

A barber that encourages feedback from you

Visiting a barbershop should not be a quick and rushed experience. A barber that asks if you are satisfied with the length and style of your haircut is the one to go for. This means that he is willing to make the necessary adjustments to make the haircut an enjoyable experience for you.

Opt for a dry run if unsure

If you feel uneasy about going the whole hog of having your hair cut by a new guy, a dry run is the best option. Instead of having a master cut, let the barber straighten out the hairline, trim your beard or shape a neater look. It’s a major red flag if the barber fumbles when using clippers and scissors. Since you’re only having your hair or beard shaped, your appearance will not be altered even with a subpar barber.

Ask the barber hair-related questions

A barber is only a haircutter if he does not possess hair knowledge. The way to find out is to ask him about how your hair can be managed, how often should you have a haircut, and the best products to use for styling your hair. If he cannot provide you answers to these questions, then he’s not the barber you are looking for.

Find out a barber’s social media profile

Nearly or almost all types and kinds of businesses use social media platforms to promote their products and services. Finding the social media used by barbers or barbershops allows you to know more about their specialisations and the way they work.

It’s an experience to go to a barber. Finding a barber to give you what you want is a must unless you prefer the awkward moments when you walk into a salon. We know where you can find the best Brisbane barbers, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast

Every person who has never been to a tattoo shop may wonder what are the tattoo prices like on the Gold Coast. However, the answer is that tattoo prices are always varying due to some factors. This is why it is challenging to estimate the amount of money a tattoo artist may charge you when you walk into their studios or parlours for tattooing.  This is because the size of the tattoo, the quality of the tattoo and even the colour of the tattoo may affect the tattoo prices. Therefore, all these factors play a significant role in determining tattoo prices, especially in the Gold Coast. The following are some of the factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast:


The tattoo artist

The first determiner of the tattoo prices in Gold Coast is the tattoo artist. This is because there are so many tattoo artists, but they are all different in terms of expertise and also experience. In case you are getting a tattoo from a tattoo artist who is more experienced and is an expert in tattooing, do not expect to pay the same as another person who is being tattooed by a tattoo artist who has no experience and is equally not an expert in tattooing. Therefore, the more expertise and experience level the tattoo artist has, the better the services provided and hence, the higher the tattoo prices.


The size of the tattoo

Secondly, the size of the tattoo also determines the amount of money that you are going to pay for the services offered by any tattoo artisan in Gold Coast. Some people love having huge tattoos on their bodies while others have small tattoos on their bodies. Even if these people have their tattoos done by the same tattoo artisan using the same colour and design, they will not be charged the same prices since the tattoo sizes are different. In case you need a large tattoo, you will pay more than people who small tattoos.

The number of colours used

When you need to have a tattoo drawn on your body, you will have to choose if you want it to have one colour or if you need a tattoo that has a mixture of several colours. The number of colours determines the tattoo prices in Gold Coast in that one coloured tattoo is cheaper than having a tattoo with a combination of several colours. The number of colours affects the amount of time that the artist will be drawing the tattoo and hence affecting the tattoo prices.


The position of the tattoo

Every person who needs to have a tattoo does not need to have their tattoos drawn on the same body part as the other. Hence, depending on your preference, you will have your tattoo on the body parts that you like. These body parts may have a very great difference in sensitivity in that others are more sensitive while others are less sensitive. In case you want your tattoo to be in the more sensitive parts of the body such as the genitals, neck, hands or feet, you will pay more than when you choose to have your tattoo in body parts like the thighs and buttocks that are less sensitive.


The design

You can either have a tattoo with a simple design or a complicated design. In case you need to have a tattoo with a complicated design, you will pay more while the people who choose a simply designed tattoo to spend less.

All the factors that have been discussed above will always affect the tattoo prices in Gold Coast. However, depending on what you prefer and the amount of money you can afford, you will have your artist draw you a tattoo anytime you need.