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What Is a Dietician?

What Is a Dietician?

A health professional who is able to assess, diagnose and offer treatment to dietary problems properly is a dietician. Such a person must have undergone one form of formal training and has a Bachelor degree in foods and nutrition.

A trained dietician must have also had practical training in a hospital to develop the skills necessary to practice in a work environment.

After getting the required Bachelor degree which can last up to four years and another one year for an internship at an accredited centre, a dietician can further train and pursue a masters degree and specialise in any area that relates to food and nutrition.

While a dietician can diagnose and treat nutrient-related problems, it is important to note that a dietician is not a medical doctor since they only possess a Bachelor degree and not a medical degree.

What Can a Dietician Do?

Dieticians play a significant role in society, and the work they do is indispensable. It is the job of a dietician to promote good health. The work of fostering good health involves advising on healthy eating, preparation of meals and even food services.

Dieticians are also involved in differentiating unhealthy meal plans from healthy ones that provide the required nourishment for an individual. They also conduct nutrition research and are up to date about health and nutrition.

The top dieticians are trained to help individuals with digestive problems, high blood pressure, those with specific nutritional requirements, those who want to lose weight, those with allergies and even those with eating disorders.

Where Can a Dietician Work?

Dieticians are high demand in the society. Their employment rate is projected to increase as much as 15 percent in the coming years. The work of a dietician is priceless, and they can work in many places.

Licensed dieticians can work in private clinics, offering health advice to healthy persons looking for various ways to maintain their health and to patients needing same.

A dietician service is also needed in schools since there is a rapid rise in dietary problems involving school children. Dieticians who work here assist children in developing healthy eating habits so that they can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They also help with developing menus and recipe for students with food allergies and those with a particular nutrient requirement.

Those in prison also require nutritional education and a licensed dietician is the right person to give such information. Some inmates may have a required diet and may find it hard to stick with it.

It is the job of a dietician to ensure that such ones maintain their diet. In all, a dietician is expected to ensure that everyone receives healthy food.

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