Factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast - Sands QLD
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Factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast

Factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast

Every person who has never been to a tattoo shop may wonder what are the tattoo prices like on the Gold Coast. However, the answer is that tattoo prices are always varying due to some factors. This is why it is challenging to estimate the amount of money a tattoo artist may charge you when you walk into their studios or parlours for tattooing.  This is because the size of the tattoo, the quality of the tattoo and even the colour of the tattoo may affect the tattoo prices. Therefore, all these factors play a significant role in determining tattoo prices, especially in the Gold Coast. The following are some of the factors that determine the tattoo prices in Gold Coast:


The tattoo artist

The first determiner of the tattoo prices in Gold Coast is the tattoo artist. This is because there are so many tattoo artists, but they are all different in terms of expertise and also experience. In case you are getting a tattoo from a tattoo artist who is more experienced and is an expert in tattooing, do not expect to pay the same as another person who is being tattooed by a tattoo artist who has no experience and is equally not an expert in tattooing. Therefore, the more expertise and experience level the tattoo artist has, the better the services provided and hence, the higher the tattoo prices.


The size of the tattoo

Secondly, the size of the tattoo also determines the amount of money that you are going to pay for the services offered by any tattoo artisan in Gold Coast. Some people love having huge tattoos on their bodies while others have small tattoos on their bodies. Even if these people have their tattoos done by the same tattoo artisan using the same colour and design, they will not be charged the same prices since the tattoo sizes are different. In case you need a large tattoo, you will pay more than people who small tattoos.

The number of colours used

When you need to have a tattoo drawn on your body, you will have to choose if you want it to have one colour or if you need a tattoo that has a mixture of several colours. The number of colours determines the tattoo prices in Gold Coast in that one coloured tattoo is cheaper than having a tattoo with a combination of several colours. The number of colours affects the amount of time that the artist will be drawing the tattoo and hence affecting the tattoo prices.


The position of the tattoo

Every person who needs to have a tattoo does not need to have their tattoos drawn on the same body part as the other. Hence, depending on your preference, you will have your tattoo on the body parts that you like. These body parts may have a very great difference in sensitivity in that others are more sensitive while others are less sensitive. In case you want your tattoo to be in the more sensitive parts of the body such as the genitals, neck, hands or feet, you will pay more than when you choose to have your tattoo in body parts like the thighs and buttocks that are less sensitive.


The design

You can either have a tattoo with a simple design or a complicated design. In case you need to have a tattoo with a complicated design, you will pay more while the people who choose a simply designed tattoo to spend less.

All the factors that have been discussed above will always affect the tattoo prices in Gold Coast. However, depending on what you prefer and the amount of money you can afford, you will have your artist draw you a tattoo anytime you need.



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