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The pros and cons of laser hair removal

The pros and cons of laser hair removal

If you are wondering whether Laser hair removal in Brisbane city is the best hair removal method for you, you need to understand its pros and cons. When it comes to removing body hair you have lots of options. it is important that you take all of these into consideration before going for the more drastic method of Laser hair removal.

If you are shaving your hair you may have noticed that it grows back in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Depilatory creams on the other hand is all the hair but they have a tendency to smell pretty bad. Also if you consider waxing it can be quite painful and can itch a lot especially when the higher starts to grow back.

There are long lasting options like Laser hair removal which is a semi permanent method. It works by damaging the hair follicle and minimizes the hair growth. Its targets the melanin in the hair and burns it down all the way to the hair follicle and the root. You start seeing the difference only after a few sessions.

The advantages of laser hair removal in Brisbane city

Although you may find that Laser hair removal doesn’t permanently get rid of the hair it can only happen if you undergo electrolysis which is an effective method for permanent hair removal. You can get it done on any part of your body and can easily cover large places pretty fast stop when it comes to pay level the pain falls somewhere between shaving and waxing. Technicians might make use of ice to help numb the area before and after the treatment. As the treatment continues patients note that it gets less painful and hair becomes finer.

The disadvantages

One of the major drawbacks of Laser hair removal is that it can take around 12 to 14 sessions to actually make a difference. However if you want to see real results you may need to wait 6 weeks between each treatment. It is also quite expensive however if you add of how much to spend on the traditional methods like waxing sessions it might be worth the dollar 200 per session of Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal works better for skin which has dark hair. In patients who have dark skin tone there is a special kind of laser which can distinguish between the hair and skin type. It should be kept in mind that the Laser hair removal should be carried out by a trained professional. Otherwise you are at a risk of burns or scars on the skin.

You should be assured that you carry out proper research on laser hair removal clinic so that you know that the technician is certified to carry out the procedure. It is one of the best methods of reducing hair growth and ensuring that your face is stubble free.

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