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Picking The Best Breast Pumps

Picking The Best Breast Pumps

When you are a breastfeeding mother, you do not have to stay home the whole day. It does not mean that the fact that you have to breastfeed your baby makes you stop living your life. Today, we have so many breastfeeding mothers who go out for dates and even work to earn a living for their kids. This is because they have learned that breastfeeding is not the only way of feeding their babies. With the many breast pumps available in the market today, every mother has a choice to make when feeding their babies. In case you are a busy breastfeeding mother, it is always essential that you buy a breast pump that will help you feed your baby and, at the same time, attend to all the duties you have. However, you have to make sure that you select the best, which is not an easy task for many mothers.

If you choose to express milk over breastfeeding your baby, you need to know several things before selecting your breast pump. This is to ensure that you do not buy the breast pumps that will make you regret every time you want to express milk. Most mothers do not know about the following factors that you should look for when picking the best breast pumps, and therefore, they are unable to pick the best breast pumps. This is why it’s important to know what to look for before you begin selecting your breast pump.

  • Frequency of use and purpose of the breast pump

As you pick your breast pump, you have to know how you intend to use it and how frequently you will use the pump. Some mothers stay at home and therefore need to express milk now and then, while others have to express milk twice or once a day. 

These two types of mothers will not use the same kind of breast pump, and this is why you should consider the purpose of your pump and how frequently you intend to use the pump before buying it.

  • Types of breast pumps

When it comes to the type of breast pumps to select, there are several options involved. To ensure that you choose the most suitable kind of breast pump, you have to take your time researching the pros and cons of each of the breast pumps you find before making your purchase.

  • Hygiene

When you are picking out your best breast pump, ensure that you consider the hygiene level of these breast pumps. Some of the breast pumps allow contamination of the milk you are expressing, which risks your baby’s health. This is something you must be keen on when you are selecting your breast pumps if you do not want to feed your baby with contaminated milk.

  • Ease of use

All the breast pumps in the market today have different levels of usability. If you want to make pumping easier, consider the ease of use of the breast pumps you are selecting. It should be easy for you to disassemble or assemble the pump, clean all its parts and even use it when expressing milk.

  • Portability of the breast pumps

This is another thing you should think about when picking a breast pump. You need to know that pumps have different sizes and weigh differently. This is why some are portable while some are not. The best breast pumps to pick are the most portable ones.

Can I rent breast pumps?

Renting a breast pump is also another option for some mothers. However, you have to consider the hygiene level of the pump you are renting. Also, breast pumps have become so popular in the market, and they come at different prices, allowing them to be more affordable for all mothers. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to buy a breast pump rather than rent one. Buy Ameda Purely Yours Electric Double Breast Pump.

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