Art Therapy: Get those thoughts on paper!
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Art Therapy: Get those thoughts on paper!

Art Therapy: Get those thoughts on paper!


In this fast-paced, fake world where social media is the reigning King, I’m sure it’s really getting on to your nerves! Hearts being shattered, friendships being broken, careers going dovish….and a whole load of other issues…And though you may be grinning ear-to-ear on the face, it’s the mind that’s actually getting flooded with all of these mixed thoughts!


Now that I’m concerned about your poor little brain there, I have an idea: Why don’t we give that confused, chaotic, cluttered mind a short vacation?


And the best way to do so – Pick an Art form of your choice! Yes, it’s that easy!!Now the question that comes up is, Why Art, right? Hold on, I’ll tell you.


Being an art enthusiast myself, I have grown up seeing the wonders art worked for me. With my colours, sketch pens, palettes, brushes, glitter paints. Never have I had a dull day in my life! And let me clarify, I’m not an artist professionally…it’s just my passion and favourite pass time. In this destructive world, Art gives you the ability to create. In this world where the closest of friendships also get ruined, Art gives you a sense of belonging. In a world where people leave no stone unturned to make you feel worthless and inadequate, Art makes you feel worthy. And yeah, you can do what you like as you like to do it because art doesn’t fit in a box of any definition. You define your art. There are no rules here. You own your Art, and no one can judge you for that!


So what are you waiting for? Whip out that a few sheets and that sketch pen set that’s peeking from the back of your cupboard pleading to be pulled out and get started! Draw, sketch, doodle, colour, scribble, cut, paste, fold – do whatever you wish to!!


I’ve put out a few whacky art forms which you can try, and believe me; they have a lot of benefits! So here we go:


Mandala art :
Folks, take note. This is in vogue! There are a lot of videos and online tutorials that are coming up. And it’s super easy too!! Just draw a few concentric circles, choose an intricate design, pick your favourite colour and get started! More the colour, more stunning is the outcome! This art form is known to calm the mind, bring in positive thoughts and increase your focus too.


Ink stories :
Feeling sad? Lonely? Heartbroken? Stop worrying!! Take a sheet of paper and a black pen and start drawing your story. It’s a challenging job to fit in all your tragedies in an A3 size sheet of paper! So much so that in the end, you’ll find ink stories more challenging than the troubles actually troubling you!


Paper Embroidery:
Because embroidery on cloth is so passé! And yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds! A little here and there and your paper will tear! So beware, patience is the key to success.


3D Origami :
Flat paper boats are so easy ( and let’s admit, a bit boring too!) Why not give 3D Origami a try? 3D Swans, 3D Owls, 3D Lamps – you name it, and it’s there!! And believe me, the outcome is such a fantastic treat to the eyes!!


Make sure you try at least one of these out! See how your mind gets de-cluttered and gets flooded with positivity!!

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